Gift of Knish

Yesterday, my friend Lisa shared with me the gift of Knish. I didn’t know what these indulgent little packages were before yesterday, so we’re going 0 to 60 here, but now that I’ve learned of, made, and eaten them, its only fair to share the gift of Knish with you!

Little gifts, ready to be unwrapped!

If you are unfamiliar, a knish is essentially pastry-wrapped mashed potatoes. Ok, now you’re paying attention!

I followed the recipe almost exactly as written by Smitten Kitchen, who fortuitously posted a recipe for knish just a bit before we decided to make them, so I don’t feel it would be fair to re-write it. Instead, I’ll defer to Deb, with many thanks!

And thanks to Lisa for bringing Matzo ball Chicken Soup. It was made with home-slow-cooked broth, so the flavor… just tastes like someone loves you.

Beautiful Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls

As a final note, it occurs to me that the pastry used for the knish could be used to wrap a myriad other things. More of that to come, I’m sure.

knish pastry and filling

shaping the knish

sealing the knish pastry

egg washing the knish

eating knish



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3 responses to “Gift of Knish

  1. Yum! I want to make this immediately!! (I swear
    I’m not a creepy stalker, I literally was reading blogs in my google reader right when you posted this).

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