Choose-your-own-adventure Dinner

Spring is tricky. You wake up one day, and the weather is warm and beautiful and it’s light until late evening, so you pull out your summer clothes and wear a tank top to work, and life is perfect again. You plan a BBQ for the next day because you can’t believe how nice it is to be outside, you find your shorts, you forget you own sweaters, and the next day it’s freezing, foggy, almost… raining, and there you are in your tank top at your BBQ, and everyone is wondering why you invited them to such a mess, but you’re all good sports, because it is at least still light until 7:30, and a person can cook a hamburger for dinner on a grill, even if it isn’t summer yet.

Which is to say, I don’t know what the weather is going to be outside my own house 5 or even 12 hours from now, so I don’t know what kind of recipe YOU’RE looking for at the moment.

So, I offer you two options for dinner, based on your weather du’jour.  Click on the picture that better resembles your day, and it will take you to a recipe.  Happy Spring!

I took these pictures on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, so you can see that things here can change quickly.


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