Meet the nerds

In our house, we are passionate about three things: cooking, eating, and playing. When cooking, we mostly keep it fresh, simple, and heavy on the veg. Living in Santa Barbara makes it easy to cook good food – there’s a farmer’s market every day of the week, and branches of citrus, fig, and avocado trees hang temptingly (and accessibly) over neighbor’s fences. Eating is an event – whether there are two people or ten around the table, we always raise our glasses in celebration of the meal. Thank goodness we like to run around outside, so all of that food has something to fuel.

As we’re both trained nerds – Gilles is an engineer, and I am a biologist – we sometimes scrutinize these most elemental aspects of life. My friends and family will attest that I send way too many articles on exercise and nutrition to their in-boxes. That said, though we find the science of food and body interesting, we enjoy just having fun in the kitchen and out in the world, whether tackling a new bread recipe or hiking in the Santa Barbara mountains.

We hope you enjoy our site, feel free to let us know what you think or to share your own exploits. Happy living!

Gilles is the most energetic person I have ever met. His favorite activity is everything (tennis, biking, surfing, hiking, running, yoga, gym). A proper Frenchman, food and meals hold a position of high importance in his world, and every dinner includes a cheese course. His favorite meal is meat and potatoes. Or better, meat, potatoes, and melted cheese (Raclette).

Elizabeth loves new challenges and hates reading recipes thoroughly (which makes trying new dishes more challenging!). If she could only eat 7 foods for the rest of her life they would be: beets, bread, butter-leaf lettuce, avocados, tri tip, and blue cheese. Oh, and chocolate. 8 foods.


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