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Rose Pancakes for Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

Do all kids make breakfast for their moms on Mother’s Day? I think they should. Every year, I served my mom scrambled eggs, since that was the only dish I knew how to make. Also, every year my dad and I would go to the florist to buy her a bouquet and (for some reason) a mug that would say something like “World’s Best Mom” or “Love you, Mother” I believe my mom has since “lost” many of these gifts (I would have, too), but if you search her cupboards, you can still find a number of ceramic cups extolling her virtues as a parent, not that they’re wrong.

Mom, you are probably the most generous, and at the same time strongest, people I know; I think this is a rare combination of virtues. I admire that you live out these virtues through your actions, as you are not one for hyperbole (understatement of the year!). Among the many gifts you’ve given me is my love of the beach, and a fair dose of bravery in the cold Pacific Ocean. I remember swimming out beyond the surf zone with you, feeling at once terrified by our distance from the shore, and reassured by your huge smile and joy of treading a little puddle worth of the largest body of water in the world. I wish we lived in the same town so I could make you a nice breakfast.

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Sweet Potato Cakes with Kale & Lettuce, Topped with Sprouted Mung Bean Salad

You guys, this recipe is really good.  It’s easily adaptable and comes together rather quickly for how complicated it seems at a glance.  It looks kind of fancy in the end, but is relatively painless to serve for company; my favorite kind of dish.  Actually, my favorite kind of dish to serve to company is something challenging I’ve never tried before because I lacked the motivation to cook it for just Gilles and myself, so it’s always a gamble if you’re invited to dinner, folks!  But I digress.

The variation of the recipe for the potato cakes I’ll present here is a rather highly modified version of  a recipe in Nigel Slater’s Tender (vol I).  To illustrate, yet again, how bad I am at sticking to recipes, I remembered that I had made this dish for a dinner party and thought that I had followed the recipe 100%.  Upon re-reading the recipe, I realized I had followed it about 80%.  The good news is, it’s hard to muck it up and easy to have fun with!

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