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A Pizza Worth (or worthy of) the Hike

The crushing sound and terrifying power of a waterfall flowing with the full force of the spring melt quickly reminds one that the world is indeed neither small nor digital. Our world can feel very full and cloistered; people, cars, little electronic signals reminding you to CHECK YOUR MESSAGES!!! Not but a few days walk from a trailhead, the world feels wide open, and the simple act of the sun melting snow has created something more powerful than all that brain power I put towards… whatever it is I do all day.

The top of Rancheria Falls, Hetch Hetchy

Suddenly, I can’t recall why I spend so many hours doing math with a computer, or obsessively sweeping my floors. Nor do I pine for my All Clad pots or Global chef’s knife while digging into simple food cooked with simple tools over a smokey fire.

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