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Rhubarb Breakfast

Some weekend mornings are for heaping plates of French Toast or Pancakes with capital letters and accompanied by large mugs of coffee and frothed milk. If you’re us, that’s actually most weekend mornings. Occasionally on a Saturday, one wakes up and does not think, ‘I’d really like to gorge myself on bread products.’ For those Saturdays, one still wishes for alternatives to the weekday oatmeal ritual.

Luckily, last night, I noticed that the rhubarb we bought at the market last week was really losing it… I’m talking final death throes. Gilles was nice enough to prepare the rhubarb last night and begin cooking it, so when I woke this morning wanting not pancakes and not oatmeal, there was some rhubarb on the stove, nearly ready to go. A few more minutes cooking and a dollop of yogurt later, breakfast was served!

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